Admit it, you love it. Right??
It’s one of those things we all have to do. Whether it’s for your job, or keeping track of the family budget, we just can’t get away from it.

Some of us are pretty good at it (I like to think I am), but sometimes, it’s in our best interest to get some help with it.

Given the time of year, let’s take filing taxes as an example. We can gather documents, find some software (or old school paper & pencil, if you wish!)to file it to CRA, and hope that we’ve done things right. However, many of us have chosen to use an accountant to ensure that our taxes are done correctly and all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. After all, that’s what professionals are for.

I’d say that real estate is much the same.

Investing in a professional Realtor to sell your home ensures that those i’s and t’s are taken care of. In the market we are heading into, it will be competitive. There could be multiple offers and conditions of sale. Your buyer may have a home to sell before they can officially buy yours. The complexities can add up quickly, and it’s in your best interest to get it right the first time.

So call me.
I’ll get your home sold quickly and…I’ll take care of that paperwork for you, too.

The clock keeps ticking.

We get reminders of this fact every day, but there are some days when it just stands out a little bit more than others, that we are, in fact, getting older. Sure, there’s the obvious ones – the kids have a birthday, the seasons change, all of a sudden the kids are moving out.

There’s subtle ones too. The ones that sneak up on you.

This evening, I played in an oldtimer hockey game. We chose to call it an “alumni game”, fooling ourselves into thinking we weren’t all over 45, and likely well past our prime. We made it though, and we even had a few fans in the stands (thanks Emma & Sadie!)

But man, that all sneaks up quicker than you think!

The same can be true when it comes to our homes. All of a sudden we fully process that we have gotten older, that the kids have gotten bigger and we’re running out of space, or that they simply left the nest, and we’ve got way too much space! Maybe it’s time for a change? It all happens way too fast.

Regardless, next time you’re asked, just play the game, and enjoy every second of it.

That clock is gonna keep ticking.

Thursday Thoughts - March 14, 2024
Don’t judge a book by its cover.

It’s a saying that, I dare say, has been around longer than I have. And quite honestly, it’s darn near impossible to do.

We all judge the book by its cover. We can walk through that book store (or scroll through that app) and decide in less than a second if we think we’ll actually enjoy that read. We’ve been told repeatedly not to do it, but we do it. Nearly every time.

Guess what? We judge houses by exteriors too.

So, I challenge you, next time you’re thinking about a renovation project, consider the outside of your home too. It can make a world of difference, and give a return on investment likely as good as a kitchen or bathroom.

A few years back, we flipped a house in Steinbach. The stucco on the house was fine – it had been painted fairly recently, and our first thought was to leave it. However, the more we updated the interior, the more we realized that the exterior just wasn’t a good reflection of the story inside – and the results speak for themselves.

(Don’t remind me about actually removing the stucco…that was a dusty weekend, but worth it!!)

If you’re considering a reno, but not sure what to do, give me a call. I’d be happy to chat through some ideas on how to bump up that curb appeal, and give your home that extra boost in value.

After all, that book may be an awesome read, even if the cover didn’t stand out… but let’s not take that chance with your home. Make that cover the most memorable on the street.

Shoveling snow.

Yep, one of the “perks” of living where we do. However, I do enjoy the white blanket of snow that greets us after a storm, and the subsequent snow clearing that ensues. A freshly shoveled driveway is just something that brings a certain joy and satisfaction. Weird, I know.

But, let’s face it, yard work, whether in winter or summer, is a reality of home ownership. It’s work and time consuming, but maintaining your property regularly and over the long haul can certainly add value! But, at some point, all that shoveling snow and mowing grass gets to be too much, right?

So I must admit - today, I had a tempting thought.

Emma listed a condo in La Broquerie today, and proudly stated “no more clearing snow or mowing lawn in a desirable end unit”!

Well, dang! Sign me up!! Could I be ready for that?? Nahh, not quite yet…

But let’s imagine for a moment - you are ready for it. Put behind the yard maintenance and snow shoveling for good. That option is out there. Many condos or life lease buildings include that as a “perk” of living there (unlike the sarcastic use of “perk” earlier). If that’s something you can see yourself enjoying, I can find options for you (psst, scroll back for more info). And with so many families looking for a place to buy and call home, now could be the perfect time to explore a change for yourself as it’s a great time to sell.

On the bright side, if you didn’t shovel the snow that fell this week, don’t worry - it’s gonna be melting like crazy by Monday!
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