What the heck could that mean? My old school lender friends may have it figured out. I first saw this acronym during my banking days while looking at a credit application from the 1980s.

“Good guy. Will Pay.”

That’s it. That was the credit write up. No credit checks, proof of employment, appraisals, etc… just neighbourly lending at its finest. Shake hands, and that’s the only security we need.

Man, have things changed in 40+ years. Not just in banking, but in everything we do. The same is true in real estate. Selling and buying property isn’t the same it was in previous generations, it can be a complex transaction with many moving parts. It's important to get the details right.

There’s certainly times when we all miss the deal written up on the napkin at the coffee shop.

However, for good reason, documentation of promises and intentions are here to stay. It makes it clear, for everyone involved, what is expected and when the steps need to happen. When buying & selling properties with me, I do my best to make that process as seamless as possible, even though it may seem like the forms to sign may never end!

Don’t worry, just because times have changed and yes, we do need to submit more documentation to buy the house or get the loan, some things have stayed the same.

Believe it or not, GGWP still exists.
Professional realtors and lenders can sense those 4 letters in the first few seconds of meeting you.

Be the good guy.
It pays off in the end.

The Window seat.

Anytime I fly, I’ll choose seat A or F. The window seat. I don’t fly a lot, but when I do, I always prefer to be beside the window.

And why not? It’s the literal window to the world. Flying over the mountains, seeing irrigation circles from 40,000 feet, trying to figure out what city you’re going over, seeing the sun set in the west with the most gorgeous array of colours you’ve ever seen.

So, yeah, give me seat A or F.

But why save that only for when we are up in the air. The windows of our homes give us the view into the world too.

My papa always said he could never have enough windows in his home. His old farm office was all windows. He loved having the sun rise to do his morning paper work before we all woke up. And most of the windows in the house faced the yard - after all, that’s where the action was.

It has always stuck with me.

So, be honest. How are the windows in your world treating you. Do they bring you the joy that you want? Think about how finding more light could change your mood, how seeing your kids playing in the back yard could bring you peace.

If you’re thinking you may need different windows in your life, reach out. A different home may help you find the view you truly seek.

Pick the windows to the world.
Every time. Enjoy the view.

Choose A or F.

New jeans.

It’s one of those simple pleasures in life, they just feel good.  This past weekend, I picked some up on the way to a concert – I wanted a new pair to go with my boots.  Yes, my cowboy boots – the ____ kickers.  They don’t come out very often, but when they do, might as well go all out.

You see, I didn’t need the new jeans, but they sure felt and looked a lot better than my old ones.  And dang, they were comfy! 

I think sometimes our homes can be the same way.

Perhaps, we don’t really need a newer home, but we may want one.  Like jeans, sometimes our homes get a little too tight and other times, there’s some extra space, or maybe, they are just simply worn out and it’s time for something different.

If you find yourself feeling that way, let’s go shopping for new “jeans”.  

Give me a call, and we’ll find the right size, cut, and colour for you. 

Never know, along the way, we might even go lookin at houses too.

Oh yeah, Lainey Wilson & Chris Stapleton blew the roof off!


Don’t beat a dead horse.

In other words, don’t keep saying the same thing over and over again. This saying came to mind this week as the temps rose, the sun came out, the spring real estate market has woken up and I felt like repeating myself!

However, at the risk of feeling like I’m a skipping record, I’ll say it - it’s a GREAT time to sell!! After all, a great time to sell, usually means the best return on your investment! Which is ultimately what we’re all after.

It’s an interesting saying though, isn’t it? I’m sure it came to be many moons ago, but the origins of it, I’m just not sure. But first of all, let’s be kind to the animals, especially a horse. Secondly, who has really been near a dead horse lately? My assumption is most of us haven’t.

Well - I have.
While camping. In a town campground. Sitting around a bonfire. Horse comes through the fence. Stumbles, falls, and takes its last breath. Right there in our camp site. True story!
Call me - I’ll tell you about it… it’s a good one! (I promise, no beating of the dead horse occurred, just care to take him to his final resting place)

ANYWAYS, got a little off track there…

All that to say I’m encouraged by where the market is at. There are many buyers searching for a home, and there are still very few homes to choose from – the ones that do come to market usually sell pretty quickly.

So, if you’re considering making a move – I dare say it again – it’s a great time to sell!!
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